One of our newest networking solutions is the Roqos Core Network Appliance. Combining a firewall with VPN protection, it is an incredibly powerful tool for your home network. Let’s delve down into some of the other fantastic features on this device and explore its Country Block and Ad-Block functions!

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What is Roqos Country Block?

Sometimes, you can just tell that a connection from a specific country is likely to be malicious. For example, if you’re minding your own business and browsing your usual favorite sites and suddenly see an unknown incoming connection from Russia or China, it’s probably bad news.

Now, you can block incoming IP requests from any country you want, blocking out potential bad actors with Country Block on Roqos! Instead of manually examining every single incoming connection, you’ll be able to easily filter out any user or website hosted in the country you’re looking to block. Keep hackers from suspicious countries out of your network today!

How Do I Enable Roqos Country Block?

Using Country Block on Roqos is easy. Just log into the Roqos Core User Interface, and navigate to the Country Block section under Cybersecurity. You can block entire regions or specific countries. On top of that, you can also decide if you want to just detect incoming connections from specific countries, or block them altogether. Check out our full guide to using Country Block!

Roqos Cybersecurity Hub - Enable Country Block on your device

How Does Ad-Block Work On Roqos?

Everyone is tired of seeing ads online. Now you can stop them at the router level, with Roqos Ad-Blocking! When you enable Ad-Block on your Roqos Core networking appliance, it uses constantly updated open-source lists to send advertising and tracking domains straight into a black hole. Instead of seeing ads, you’ll blissfully see…nothing! What a relief!

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How Can I Enable Ad-Blocking on Roqos?

Enabling ad-block on Roqos is even easier than setting up Country Block! In the Roqos Core UI, go to Ad Blocker under Cybersecurity settings and click the slider button to enable it. Hit save and you’ll be all set to stop annoying advertisements dead in their tracks!

Protect Your Network Today With a Roqos Core Networking Appliance!

Roqos SASE Device for ZTNA

Roqos SASE Appliance


  • Active Threat Monitoring
  • Full Network & Bandwidth Control
  • Built-in Ad-blocking
  • Includes 1 Year of Roqos Core Protect Service
wifi Ac Router Global compatible Open VPN

Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions you might have about Roqos!