How to Use VPN with Your Starlink Router: A Complete Guide to Using VPN With Starlink Internet

Starlink offers top-notch satellite internet services with outstanding capabilities, making it a top pick for users seeking premium quality and ease of use.

While Starlink internet offers numerous benefits, it is still vulnerable to online security risks like other internet service providers, highlighting the importance of using VPNs nowadays.

Checkout our guide for everything you need to know about Starlink internet service and the best VPNs for protecting your privacy.

Best VPNs for Starlink


NordVPN NordVPN's award winning customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee are just the tip of the iceberg for NordVPN.PRICE PER MONTH: $3.19 | SIGN UP HERE

NordVPN is a popular VPN provider among our staff and customers. It features over 5,000 servers in 59 countries around the world and has additional features such as Static/Dedicated IP addresses that can be purchased as add-ons to your subscription.


ExpressVPN ExpressVPN's extensive network gives you the ability to surf anonymously and access the unrestricted Internet in every corner of the globe. It's perfect if you're looking to travel to China!PRICE PER MONTH: $6.67 | SIGN UP HERE

ExpressVPN is one of our most recommended VPN providers. This unique link will offer you 3 months free with a one year subscription. ExpressVPN has excellent customer service and is a customer favorite. It is a highly rated service, with server locations in 78+ countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and more.


PureVPN With millions of users, PureVPN owns, operates, and maintains its own VPN network in 70+ countries across 6 continents, and provides support for OpenVPN and other VPN Protocols.PRICE PER MONTH: $2.29 | SIGN UP HERE

PureVPN is one of the oldest & most popular VPN providers. With millions of users, PureVPN owns, operates, and maintains its own VPN network in 140+ countries across 6 continents, and provides support for OpenVPN and other VPN Protocols. PureVPN maintains its own network for the fastest VPN experience, anytime and every time, with no cap on server switching.


Best FlashRouters for Starlink

Cudy AX3000 VPN FlashRouter

AX3000 WiFi 6 VPN FlashRouter Perfect for Medium Homes / Perfect for 20-30 Devices / Built-in Support for WireGuard & Wi-Fi 6 / Security with out breaking the bank SALE PRICE: $119.99 $149.99 | BUY NOW

The Cudy AX3000 VPN FlashRouter is a great option to use on its own, or as the main router in a Cudy VPN mesh system! The Cudy AX300 is ideal for 20-30 devices and is ideal for streaming, working from home, online shopping, and all of your other daily network needs!

⚡️Parental Controls

⚡️Guest Network Access

⚡️Quality of Service (QoS) Prioritization

⚡️Cudy Mesh Compatible

GL.iNet Flint 2 VPN FlashRouter

GL.iNET Flint-2 AX VPN FlashRouter Perfect for Large Homes / Perfect for 30+ Devices / DNS over HTTPS & TLS / DFS Cerrification SALE PRICE: $239.99 $279.99 | BUY NOW

An upgrade from its predecessor, the GL.iNet Flint 2 VPN FlashRouter offers top VPN speed and a number of network security features for all of your online privacy needs.

It boast a number of built-in security features for added protection as well as WireGuard support for top Wireguard supported VPN providers!

⚡️30+ devices

⚡️Wireguard Support

⚡️Built in Ad Guard

⚡️2.5GB WAN & WAN/LAN Ports

Asus BE96U VPN FlashRouter

Asus RT-BE96U Wi-Fi 7 FlashRouter Perfect for Max Wi-Fi (30+ Simultaneous Connections) / Blazing-fast Wi-Fi 7 (Wireless-BE) / Dual 10 Gbps Ports / Reliable Wi-Fi Multi-link Operation SALE PRICE: $779.99 $879.99 | BUY NOW

The new Asus RT-BE96U Wi-Fi 7 FlashRouter is a great option to future proof your network and stay ahead of the game with the newest Wi-Fi 7 standard as well as ultra powerful ethernet ports and processor.

⚡️Next generation 2.6Ghz processor

⚡️Dual 10GB Ethernet ports

⚡️AiMesh Compatible

⚡️Newest Wi-Fi 7 Standard.

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wifi Ac Router Global compatible Open VPN


How does Starlink Internet Service Work?

Starlink Internet Service works by connecting your device to the internet through a satellite link provided by SpaceX.

At home, you’ll have your Starlink dish to capture the internet signal from the satellites in orbit as well as a starlink modem/router to provide your devices at home with internet.

When you connect to the internet through Starlink, your device is assigned an IP address that identifies it on the network. This IP address can provide other online users with more information than you may be comfortable sharing with strangers online, such as your physical location.


Risks of Starlink Satellite Internet Service

Although Starlink works well in providing internet speed, your online activities can be vulnerable without encryption. Bad actors can easily locate your IP address and infiltrate your network when you’re browsing online without VPN enabled for your devices.

Using a secure VPN connection to encrypt your internet traffic is a great way to protect your privacy and safety while streaming, shopping, gaming, and more online.


Why Should I use a VPN with Starlink Satellite Internet?

When using Starlink Satellite Internet, it’s a good idea to use a virtual private network (VPN) to enhance your online privacy and security.

By installing a VPN service on your Starlink connection, you can encrypt your internet connection and protect your data from potential threats. A reliable VPN server can help with latency issues and provide a more secure internet access related to Starlink.

Setting up a VPN on your Starlink router can also bypass CGNAT and allow for port forwarding, improving your overall connection.


Can I Install VPN on a Starlink Router?

With satellite internet connections like Starlink, a VPN can be especially useful for secure and private internet access.

Although certain Starlink plans permit the establishment of a Starlink VPN connection on the router, external VPN providers like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and others are not supported.

In order to utilize VPN services from leading providers in the industry, it is recommended to incorporate a VPN-compatible router into your network.


Benefits of using VPN on Starlink Networks

  • Security: If you are visiting sites which track your location, appearing as if you are in a different city will act as a shield to tracking.
  • Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: Want to get around a geo-location block to watch films or sports events in different countries? Changing your online location with a VPN can often unlock that content that you want.
  • Work From Home Anywhere: With many jobs allowing remote work these days, the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more and more common. Avoid location restrictions while working by connecting to a VPN server location in the required region.


Should I Use VPN for Starlink?

In short, yes! The FlashRouters team recommends utilizing a VPN for online browsing with Starlink internet for a number of reasons. Even if safeguarding online privacy and security is not your top priority (though it should be), there are many other practical applications for a VPN in your everyday routine.

For example, when you connect to a VPN server in a particular country, you can browse the internet as if you were in that country, accessing local websites, online stores, and discussion forums. Switching between different IP addresses not only helps you escape price discrimination and compare prices, but it also enables you to bypass various types of internet censorship.

Likewise, if you’re overseas and longing to watch your beloved shows from back home, you can opt to connect to a VPN server in your home country and securely enjoy all your desired content.

This is particularly beneficial for users who are required to temporarily move to locations where Starlink is the sole dependable internet choice.