How to Stream on Hulu

Hulu is one of the top on-demand and Live TV streaming services out there. The wildly popular service is owned by Disney, but offers original movies and TV shows as well as content from top networks and studios for kids and adults alike. But is it available worldwide? We discuss how to stream on hulu from anywhere.

Quick Overview

Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch before the weather really improves, or still just binge-watching your favorites, we’ve got the Hulu streaming guide for you!

Need help accessing Hulu outside the US? We’ve got you covered, with VPN recommendations to help you stream from anywhere.

Best VPNs for Streaming on Hulu

Access 5000+ servers worldwide

1,500+ VPN servers in 75+ locations

1700+ Servers across 60+ countries

Best FlashRouters for Streaming on Hulu

And, if you’re looking for the optimal Hulu streaming setup, upgrading your wireless network router will ensure a seamless streaming experience.

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Is Hulu Available Worldwide?

Unfortunately, Hulu is not available outside of the United States or Japan. Previously, Disney had said they were going to expand Hulu internationally. However, they changed their minds and decided to push other services instead, in late 2020.

How Can I Stream On Hulu If I’m Away From Home?

Of course, this means that Hulu content is geo-blocked, and you cannot access it outside the US or Japan even if you are paying for a subscription. Whether you are traveling or enjoying life as a digital nomad, we can help you enjoy your favorite US live TV and original series from the comfort of your paradise destination…with a VPN!

Best VPNs to Stream on Hulu

Trying to watch Hulu outside of the US or Japan? Even though Hulu isn’t as popular as Netflix, they still crack down on VPN use. However, we know the best VPNs that get around the ban and work with Hulu.

  • Access 5000+ servers worldwide
  • No logs policy
  • 1,500+ VPN servers in 75+ locations
  • Owns and operates its own servers
  • 1700+ Servers across 60+ countries
  • Integrates with the Tor anonymity network

Stream on Hulu with VPN on a FlashRouter

If you’re like us, you don’t just stream things on one device. The best way to use a VPN on all of your devices with one simple setup is with VPN encryption and security on a FlashRouter.

Many platforms, such as smart TVs, Xbox, and PS5 do not have native built-in VPN capabilities. By using our dual-router setup, you can simplify deploying a VPN across all of your devices easily! You can even keep using your current router if you like it!

Best Routers to Stream on Hulu

These are the best routers for streaming Hulu:

AX3000 WiFi 6 VPN FlashRouter

AX3000 WiFi 6 VPN FlashRouter
  • Perfect for Medium Homes
  • Perfect for 20-30 Devices

Asus RT-AX88U PRO Merlin FlashRouter

Introducing the Asus RT-AX88U FlashRouter - With Wi-Fi 6 + Merlin Customization
  • Perfect for Max Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Recommended for 15+ Devices

GL.iNET Flint-2 AX VPN FlashRouter

GL.iNET Flint-2 AX VPN FlashRouter
  • Perfect for Large Homes
  • Perfect for 30+ Devices

If you really like your current router and don’t want to switch, we also feature the Flash My Router service, so you can get streaming with your VPN in no time! We will remotely upgrade your router with open source firmware, allowing you to easily distribute VPN on all of your devices.

How Can I Optimize Hulu VPN Streaming with the FlashRouters Privacy App?

You can manage your VPN-configured router connection with the FlashRouters VPN Privacy App. Our app runs directly from any Internet browser on your desktop or mobile devices and is an easy, free, and user-friendly way to access and configure your wireless network.

Features of the FR Privacy App include: 

  • Easy device management.
  • Kill switch and VPN bypass by device.
  • Seamless VPN server switching.
  • Optimized UI on any browser or mobile phone.


Have any questions about streaming Hulu, other services, or network security in general? Feel free to reach out!

Does Hulu Stream 4K?

Yes, Hulu does stream 4k…but with a catch. Only certain devices and certain content are broadcast in 4k. Mostly Hulu originals like The Handmaid’s Tale, but other than that, the 4K selection is highly limited. 

Hulu streams 4K on the following devices:

What Devices is Hulu Available On?

In addition to the devices above that are capable of streaming in 4K, these devices can still stream in HD:

What Can I Watch on Hulu?

Academy Award Picks

With the Academy Awards winners having been announced, Hulu has some great Oscar winners and nominated picks for your streaming enjoyment:

Nomadland won Best Picture, Best Director Chloé Zhao, & Best Actress Frances McDormand
Soul won Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score
The United States vs. Billie Holiday featuring Andra Day, nominated for Best Actress
Another Round
The Mole Agent

Hulu also has some past Academy Award-winning content to live stream:

Parasite (Best Motion Picture)
Rocketman (Best Actor, Best Original Song)
Bombshell (nominated for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, won Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling)
…and more.

Fan Favorite TV Shows

Handmaid's Tale

In addition to movies, they also feature favorite TV Shows, including:

The Handmaid’s Tale
Freaks & Geeks
Bob’s Burgers
The Great
Family Guy
Castle Rock
Killing Eve
Difficult People
Mrs. America

…& much more.