Do you know what your child is doing online when you aren’t looking? In the day and age of remote schooling, smartphones, gaming, and social media, many parents find it almost impossible to keep up with their children’s internet activities.

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Roqos Parental Control & Online Security Features

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Online Social Media Use: An Overview

Before, most households had one computer with internet access, and it was in the family room where everyone could see their activities—if there was a computer in the house at all. Today, it seems as if almost every device in every room is internet or wi-fi enabled, even the refrigerator.

According to a 2011 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 22% of teenagers log into their favorite social media site 10 or more times in a single day. With the rise of new social media features and apps, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Twitch, that number has risen. A more recent survey found that teenagers use close to 3 hours of social media per day on average.

In fact, a recent report by the Pew Research Center found that 35% of teenagers are using at least one of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook “almost constantly.” The report also found that 36% percent of teens feel that they use social media too much. At the same time, 54% would find it difficult to cut back.

Everyone wants to protect their children, but how do you protect them from a virtual world that comes with real-world implications?

How Can Roqos Protect My Child's Privacy?

With the Roqos Core Router, you have the ability to access your home network from anywhere using the Roqos App. Roqos offers a simple-to-use graphic interface that you can access on any browser or download as a stand-alone application on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Google Play. You can monitor network activity, see how long certain devices spend logged on, and even create a list of restricted websites that will be blocked on your network.

Roqos SASE Device for ZTNA

Roqos SASE Appliance


  • Active Threat Monitoring
  • Full Network & Bandwidth Control
  • Built-in Ad-blocking
  • Includes 1 Year of Roqos Core Protect Service
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Easily Filter Out Inappropriate Content With Roqos

A huge concern for parents today is their children accessing or being exposed to inappropriate content online. You can choose from a set of predefined filter categories, or you can manually enter your own black/white list of sites you don’t want accessible on your network. Whether it be inappropriate social media sites, adult sites, or adult chat rooms, you can add them to your list of “no-go” sites.

Content Filter Menu on the Roqos Core Security Hub

Set Up Device Internet Schedules On Roqos

With the Roqos, you can help your children develop responsible behavior by selecting scheduled time periods to block internet access on specific devices. If your child has a habit of sneaking online way past their bedtime, you can disable the internet after a certain time. Are they still attempting to get online after hours? You can pause internet access to all or certain devices indefinitely with the Roqos too.

The Roqos Core Appliance offers users a customizable Interent Schedule

Use Roqos To Monitor Web History For Enhanced Internet Safety

For most parents, working is a requirement. Whether you work remotely or commute to your job, monitoring your kids all the time while they’re online is nearly impossible.

With the Roqos, you can remotely access your home network and view device-by-device usage statistics. See which devices have accessed certain sites, and how long they spent on them. If you’re concerned that your child may be using their school laptop for other purposes such as gaming or social media when they should be studying, this feature can be very handy.

The Roqos Core Appliance offers users device usage history

Use Roqos Advanced Security Features Alongside VPN

Sure thing! Roqos offers powerful VPN configuration features alongside Roqos’s advanced security features. You can easily configure a VPN onto your Roqos to protect your online data from snoopers and trackers. Furthermore, you can set specific rules for your VPN connections, either for specific devices or network-wide.

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Safety and Success in the Digital World With Roqos

Monitoring your child online no longer means standing over their shoulder to see what they’re doing. With the Roqos Core Router, you can not only see which sites your children are visiting but how long they’re spending on each site as well.

Using the internet schedules, site filters, and how long a device spends on a site can help parents set boundaries to protect their children online while also teaching them that the online world can impact the real world and how people live and feel in it.

Overexposure to social media sites can cause a decline in the mental health of youth and young adults. Teaching children responsible internet habits early on will teach them how to use the internet safely as an effective tool and help set them up for success later on in life in the ever-growing digital world.

Responsible internet habits include being mindful of what you say to others online, understanding that not everything online is true, keeping personal information such as where you go to school, where you live, and your phone number private, and remembering to limit screen time for your mental health.

Have any questions about the Roqos, its advanced security features, or any other router-related queries? Feel free to reach out!