The Privacy Hero VPN Streaming Router is an all-in-one device perfect for those who are looking for a fast, easy, and reliable VPN router solution to use with their favorite streaming service. Get your VPN service provider and VPN router in one bundle, designed by security experts with your privacy in mind.

Users can take advantage of the nimble, built-in WireGuard VPN as well as the newer Wi-Fi 6 standard for a faster and more reliable home VPN Network with a fraction of the setup time or hassle involved.

NordLynx WiFi 6 Router - Privacy Hero

NordLynx WiFi 6 Router – Privacy Hero


  • Perfect for Medium Homes
  • Perfect for 20-30 Devices
  • Built-in Support for WireGuard & Wi-Fi 6
  • Comes with NordLynx
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What Makes Privacy Hero The Right Router For Me?

Privacy Hero - Main Home Menu and Router Profiles

The Privacy Hero VPN Router offers users a plethora of features, including simple configuration & management, support for Wi-Fi 6, built-in WireGuard VPN, and security tools. Take a look at our breakdown of some of these features below.

Built-In WireGuard VPN

Connecting to VPN on the Privacy Hero Router

Using a VPN on the router has never been easier. Since the Privacy Hero VPN service is built into the router’s firmware, there’s no pre-configuration or password sharing required.

Your Privacy Hero router from FlashRouters includes a free 12 months of the exclusive Privacy Hero WireGuard VPN service.

WireGuard is a lean and powerful protocol that many tout as the most secure, user-friendly, and best-performing VPN solution today. WireGuard uses less processing power to transfer your data than other VPN protocols, like OpenVPN. That means fewer performance issues when using a VPN.

Set It and Forget It

Create a New Profile on the Privacy Hero VPN Router

Thanks to the built-in VPN and easy-to-follow setup guide, the simple setup can be completed in as little as 5 minutes!

Once you activate your Privacy Hero VPN service on your Privacy Hero VPN router, it will automatically assign you to the ideal server for your network and location. Then, all you’ll have to do is connect the devices you wish to the Privacy Hero’s VPN network for VPN protection.

With the Privacy Hero VPN Streaming Router, you can simply complete the initial setup and let the VPN and Router handle the rest. You won’t have to worry about changing servers yourself or searching for the fastest server in your area because the Privacy Hero VPN Streaming Router will take care of that automatically.

Never Blocked for Streaming

Privacy Hero’s WireGuard VPN service never gets blocked, even by the most popular streaming services. You’ll be able to access your favorite US content from anywhere when connected to the Privacy Hero’s wireless network. Specially designed for streaming, their nimble WireGuard VPN was created to combat any slowdown or lag that may occur when using other VPN services.

Advanced Network and Device Monitoring

Bedtime and Safe Surf on the Desktop of version of the Privacy Hero VPN router

The Privacy Hero VPN Streaming router features advanced malware protection and encrypted DNS for your entire network. Take advantage of built-in ad-blocking, encrypted DNS for the whole home, and no logs for the ultimate private VPN networking experience.

With their simple-to-use app, you’ll be able to monitor the devices connected to your network, the web traffic, and data usage. You can also set “internet bedtimes” for all of your devices, or only certain ones on the network.

Can I Use Privacy Hero With My Existing VPN Provider?

Privacy Hero’s patented technology also offers support for existing VPN providers, most notably NordVPN

Exclusive WireGuard support for NordVPN is now available with the Privacy Hero VPN Streaming Router. Now, NordVPN customers can take advantage of faster, more reliable VPN home networks when they set up their NordVPN account on the Privacy Hero VPN streaming router.

NordVPN’s award winning customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee are just the tip of the iceberg for NordVPN.

  • Access 5000+ servers worldwide
  • No logs policy
  • Connect 6 devices at the same time
  • Military grade encryption

How Do I Configure NordVPN Onto My Privacy Hero?

In order to connect to the NordVPN server of your choosing, you’ll access the Advanced Settings options and enter a specific NordVPN server. By requesting a specific address rather than storing and loading all the server locations on the app each time, users can enjoy a much faster and smoother user experience.

Does NordVPN on Privacy Hero Support NordLynx?

Yes! Up until now, NordLynx-NordVPN’s custom-created WireGuard solution was unavailable on routers. The Privacy Hero router is the first solution to offer NordLynx support on routers.

Does Privacy Hero Support More VPN Providers?

In addition to Wireguard support for NordVPN, the Privacy Hero VPN Streaming Router also supports Private Internet Access VPN. Private Internet Access customers can now take advantage of the speed and reliability that the WireGuard Protocol offers to users on the router level.

A great, low-priced service for those looking to try VPN for privacy & security for the first time, PIA accepts many forms of payment, including Bitcoin, at prices that cannot be beaten.

  • Servers in 70+ Countries
  • Utilizes High-Grade Encryption
  • Unrestricted access abroad

The setup process for your Private Internet Access account on the Privacy Hero VPN Router is just as simple as setting it up on NordVPN.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out!