The Egyptian Government has continued to censor the internet in their country by restricting access to news sites and VPNs. Essentially they are blocking information opposing them while claiming that these sites either promote terrorism or spread ‘fake news.’ Furthermore, there are signs the DD-WRT website has been blocked.

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Egypt Expands Its Censorship to DD-WRT?

Egypt has a history of blocking VPNs/news sites in recent years. However, recent reports indicate that the DD-WRT site is no longer accessible in Egypt. If indeed this is a government-sanctioned move, it represents a massive blow to consumers.

DD-WRT firmware has many other uses aside from creating a Wi-Fi VPN network. Even if you’re not using a VPN, DD-WRT offers enhanced security, improved QoS, and better functionality overall.

Major VPN Providers Blocked in Egypt

While the DD-WRT block is unique, it is not the first time the country introduced content blocks. Earlier in 2017, Egypt blocked a number of VPNs and news sites. At the moment, over 65 news websites are on a block list and inaccessible to normal users. The Egyptian authorities are also targeting VPN services and protocols in their blockade.

Of course, this is due to the fact that such tools provide users with the opportunity to thwart internet censorship. Indeed, VPNs allow citizens to browse the Internet freely by rerouting their network traffic through a VPN server, encrypt data, and provides an IP address that can be from a different country.

Unfortunately, the Egyptian authorities have realized this workaround. From 2017 onwards, they began blocking VPN services that would allow citizens to circumvent earlier website restrictions. Using Deep Packet Inspection, Egyptian ISPs are able to identify data that goes through OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols and block it.

How To Get Around The Egypt VPN Block and Access Your News Websites

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How Can I Use VPN On My Entire Network?

Utilizing a pre-configured DD-WRT VPN Wi-Fi FlashRouter with various different VPN setup options can help bypass these VPN blocks.

Can I Get A FlashRouter In Egypt?

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