How to Access TikTok Anywhere: Best VPNs for TikTok in 2024

Best VPNs For TikTok

NordVPN’s award winning customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee are just the tip of the iceberg for NordVPN.

  • Access 5000+ servers worldwide
  • No logs policy
  • Connect 6 devices at the same time
  • Military grade encryption

With over 6500+ servers in 90+ countries, CyberGhost gives you blazing fast speeds. No more buffering, throttling from your Internet Service Provider, or proxy errors!

  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection

ExpressVPN’s extensive network gives you the ability to surf anonymously and access the unrestricted Internet in every corner of the globe. It’s perfect if you’re looking to travel to China!

  • 3,000+ VPN servers in 90+ countries
  • 5-Star Customer Support
  • Runs its own SmartDNS Service

Best VPN Routers For TikTok Users


Beryl: for on the go

GL.iNET Beryl-AX VPN Travel FlashRouter Perfect for Traveling/Small Homes / Great for Handling 10-20 Simultaneous Device Connections SALE PRICE: $169.99 $229.99 | BUY NOW

The GL.iNet Beryl AX VPN Travel Router is packed with all of your favorite FlashRouters features including:

⚡️WiFi 6
⚡️OpenVPN pre-configuration with an existing subscription to any of our supported VPN Providers
⚡️WireGuard protocol Integration available for select providers.
⚡️USB port

Privacy Hero: for all your streaming & social media needs

Privacy Hero – Wireguard WiFi 6 Router Perfect for Medium Homes / Perfect for 20-30 Devices / Built-in NordVPN & PIA Support for WireGuard SALE PRICE: $199.99 $249.99 | BUY NOW

The Privacy Hero VPN Router is  a great option for those looking for an all-in-one router with an easy setup process and VPN user experience, without sacrificing performance.

⚡️High-Speed Wireguard VPNWireGuard is the latest, fastest and the most secure VPN protocol. It is included with our service with speeds up to 200Mbps. Get 1 year of Privacy Hero WireGuard VPN service free with your order!

⚡️Works with Streaming and social me- You will not get blocked while streaming top services such as Netflix US, Amazon Prime US, and more with the Streaming Relocation Feature. Keep video buffering low.

⚡️Advanced Internet Controls – Automatically pause internet for kids at bedtime or anytime. Block adult content and enforce safe search on kids devices.

⚡️NordLynx Support – Connect to the faster NordLynx servers, supported exclusively on the Privacy Hero

AX88U Pro: for the high-traffic home

Asus RT-AX88U PRO Merlin FlashRouter Perfect for Max Wi-Fi Coverage / Recommended for 15+ Devices / Blazing-fast Wi-Fi 6 (Wireless-AX) Speeds / Enhanced with Merlin Upgraded Firmware SALE PRICE: $344.99 $459.99 | BUY NOW

The Asus Merlin RT-AX88U Pro FlashRouter is capable of incredibly high speeds and has the largest network coverage capabilities out of all the Merlin FlashRouters.

This FlashRouter packs a lot of power and includes features such as:

⚡️Dual 2.5GB ports

⚡️Up to 5 VPN servers at once

⚡️Asus AiRadar

⚡️Large sized homes or offices

How to Unblock TikTok With a VPN

If you are facing a TikTok ban, a VPN can help to safely access TikTok from anywhere in the world.

TikTok users can use a VPN to log onto the TikTok app with ease simply by changing the VPN server location they’re connected to.

Choosing the Best VPN Server Location to Access TikTok

When choosing the Best VPN location and VPN Provider to connect to in order to access TikTok, you’ll want to consider which locations have not yet banned the social media app. Connecting to most USA VPN server locations allows access to TikTok without any restrictions.

Check out our list below to see which countries have banned TikTok to help you decide the best VPN server to connect to.

Which Countries Have Banned TikTok?

A number of countries have banned TikTok for lots of different reasons. In these countries, TIkTok cannot be downloaded from the App store, accessed via the app or internet.

Unblocking TikTok in these locations with a VPN can allow users to access their TikTok account and use the app unrestricted in just a few clicks.

  • Africa
    • Senegal
    • Somalia
  • Europe
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • France
    • Ireland
    • Latvia
    • Malta
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • United Kingdom
  • Asia
    • Afghanistan
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Iran
    • Jordan
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Nepal
    • Pakistan
    • Russia
    • Taiwan
  • North America
    • Canada

Benefits of Tiktok using a VPN to access

Your Favorite TikTok Content Anywhere.

Everyone needs a break, even on vacation. If TikTok has been removed where you live, you cab access TikTok with a VPN from anywhere to your favorite content . By setting the VPN server location to one closest to your real location, you will also change your TikTok region automatically since it is based off your devices geographical location.

Use a VPN for unblocking Tiktok and you will change your location for watching TikTok from anywhere as if you were home.

Secure your Data.

When using TikTok without a VPN, your device is vulnerable to their access, leaving you exposed. The app’s parent company is able to monitor your device’s apps, your messages, your location, and your activities.

Using a reliable VPN ensures your videos remain anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.

Grow your Audiences.

If your content is not resonating with your local audience or you want to reach a global viewership, switching your TikTok region can help you target a new audience.

Using a VPN for travel will enable you to easily switch between different countries, allowing you to connect with people from various nationalities.

Access New Content.

Several countries have restricted access to TikTok or imposed limitations on the content that their citizens can view. However, we all desire to explore the content that is inaccessible due to these restrictions.

By utilizing a VPN to conceal your IP address, you can bypass these limitations and fully enjoy the application.

Is it legal to use VPNs to Unblock TikTok?

Indeed, using a VPN to access TikTok in India and many other locations is perfectly legal as there are no regulations against it.

Many individuals around the world utilize VPNs on a regular basis to access various types of content, including TikTok.

On the other hand, in China, VPNs are a grey area so it is advisable to exercise caution when using one while residing in the country. It is important to choose a VPN that is capable of functioning in China, as not all VPNs are able to do so.

In Russia, several VPN services are restricted, but using one is not explicitly prohibited, especially for accessing TikTok. Only “approved” VPNs are permitted, and using an unapproved one could result in hefty fines. It is essential to stay updated on Russian VPN laws, as the situation may change frequently due to current events.