Initially introduced as a gaming-driven wireless networking device, the Netgear Nighthawk is the perfect device for any user. This line of wireless routers provides speed, performance, and power to your home or office network. Whether it be gaming, streaming, teleconferencing, or just browsing, a Nighthawk will never let you down.

Get the router that's the perfect fit for you and your network.

Luckily for you, FlashRouters stocks leading models of the Nighthawk to cover our customers’ needs. FlashRouters come pre-flashed with your choice of DD-WRT firmware. Open-source firmware supercharges your Nighthawk to achieve even better speeds and performance than advertised.

Read on to discover your perfect Netgear Nighthawk open source & VPN-compatible premium Wi-Fi router!

What Are The Top Netgear Nighthawk DD-WRT Routers?

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What Are The Premium Benefits of A FlashRouter Nighthawk?

FlashRouters steps in to offer what many router manufacturers won’t: better firmware, network configuration assistance, as well as responsive and highly trained USA tech support to answer your questions.

Nighthawk FlashRouters arrive at your doorstep with a recent, tested, and stable DD-WRT firmware build pre-installed. Forget spending hours deciphering and testing the DD-WRT forums/website/Wiki for the correct hardware version and proper build, only to discover that you’ve improperly flashed your device and bricked it.

An angry man with a hammer about to hit his Wi-Fi router—bricking your Nighthawk router can be frustrated. Avoid issues with FlashRouters

Need any more convincing? Our DD-WRT upgraded FlashRouters come with many more enhanced firmware features. Take a look at some of our favorites:

  • Enhanced, attractive GUI (graphical user interface).
  • Fully functional VPN Integration: OpenVPN, Lightway, WireGuard, IPSec, and more.
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi & wired network. The end of annoying reboots (but if you like them, you can use a reboot scheduling option as well.)
  • Removes faulty WPS functionality, a major security hole.
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) integration.
  • Advanced wireless controls
  • VLAN (Virtual LAN) support for separating wireless and wired networks.
  • Bandwidth monitoring & access restrictions.

For a more in-depth look at DD-WRT features, look at our comprehensive overview of the benefits of FlashRouters, as well as our list of top DD-WRT Routers.

What Assistance Comes With My Netgear Nighthawk FlashRouter?

FlashRouter Service Plans

To get the most from your FlashRouter, choose what level of ongoing expert service/technical support will suit your needs. 



$ 10 /Month



  • Help Center Access
  • Support Tickets – 48 Hour Response Time
  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Return & Repair Service
  • Additional Sessions +$50


$ 20 /Month



  • All Silver Features, plus
  • 24 Hour Response Time
  • One 1-on-1 Support Session
  • Additional Sessions +$25



$ 8 /Month



  • All Bronze Features, plus
  • 48 Hour Response Time
  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Return & Repair Service
  • Additional Sessions +$50


$ 12 /Month

BILLED: $144


  • All Silver Features, plus
  • 24 Hour Response Time
  • One 1-on-1 Support Session
  • Additional Sessions +$25

Is the service plan a one time purchase or does it renew?

All FR service plans automatically renew on a quarterly or annual basis based on the term initially purchased. A reminder e-mail will be sent one week prior to renewal. In your FlashRouter account panel, you can cancel the plan at any time to stop any further renewals.

Does the service plan include a VPN subscription?

At this time, our service plans provide setup and configuration assistance for users who already have their own VPN service. If you are looking for VPN service options, check out our full list of supported VPN providers.

Do I have to buy a service plan?

Our routers are priced for the custom upgrades performed at our warehouse, testing expenses and keeping the FlashRouter App update to date.

Our service plan has three levels as an optional add-on with your purchase to get continued direct assistance from our team. This is especially useful to customers who are less tech savvy and want direct access to our support team to make sure their network is running exactly how they desire. Here is how these plans differ

Bronze – Basic E-mail Support
Silver – E-mail and Live Chat Support.
Gold – E-mail, Live Chat, and Remote One-on-One Sessions

Each situation and user has different needs and expertise. Our team of US-based support agents are highly trained specialists in VPN and DD-WRT router setup. From firmware updates to networking configuration/troubleshooting solutions, the purpose of our Service Plans is to help our customers in whatever level they deem necessary.

Does FlashRouters offer phone support?

At this time, we do not provide phone support with our service plans. We have tested phone support for networking troubleshooting in the past but have found that on average caused us to help less customers in a less efficient manner. However, with a purchase of a Gold Service Plan, customers can schedule 1-on-1 remote support sessions via Teamviewer with our engineers and they will provide a hands-on, personal solution, to any problems you may be facing.

Do I need a Service Plan for a firmware upgrade?

Firmware upgrades are free of charge to any FlashRouter customer!

You can visit our support center and select your specific router model to upgrade your firmware based on the recommendations provided.

If you want the help of our Support Team to assist in this upgrade, you can always sign up for our Gold Service Plan and schedule a 1-on-1 Teamviewer session in which our trained engineers will take care of the upgrade for you!

Can I purchase a router without a service plan and subscribe later?

Yes, you may purchase a service plan at any time. However, we can’t guarantee any pricing, or apply any previously offered discounts or specific features at that later date.

Remotely Flashing Your Nighthawk

Do you already own one of these devices? Fear not, for FlashRouters can still help.

flash my router Flash My Router – upgrade your router firmware remotely


  • 1-on-1 Session With Expert Technician
  • Basic Internet/Wi-Fi/VPN Setup
  • Open Source Firmware "Flash" Upgrade
  • Includes a $30 Service Credit

With the FlashRouters Flash My Router Plan, we can remotely flash open-source firmware solutions directly onto your existing Nighthawk router. Plus, you get network assistance built-in! Whether you are a technical novice or simply someone who prefers having the option of assistance with your open-source router, you are in luck.

Netgear Nighthawk FlashRouters and the FR Privacy App?

When your FlashRouter is configured with DD-WRT, you’ll unlock new features, as well as the FlashRouters Privacy App. The FR Privacy App is an easy, free, and user-friendly way to access and configure your wireless network. Our app runs directly from any Internet browser on desktop or mobile devices.

This allows for easy tweaking and VPN configuration, including but not limited to:

  • Easy device management.
  • Seamless VPN server switching.
  • Optimized UI on any browser (desktop or mobile).
  • Kill switch and VPN bypass by device.

Want better support for your entire network? The FlashRouters Privacy App is here to help.